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Parenting Coordination

The Probate and Family Court has issued new Standing Order 1-17: Parenting Coordination.  Effective July 1, 2017, all PCs appointed either by the court or pursuant to an agreement of the parties that is incorporated into a court order must meet the qualifications defined in the Standing Order and be a Category V Parenting Coordinator.  To be approved as a Parenting Coordinator, an individual shall be either an attorney or licensed mental health professional who has completed thirty (30) hours of training in a mediation training program, at least six (6) hours of training in intimate partner abuse and family violence dynamics, and at least thirty-five (35) hours of accredited specialty training in topics related to parenting coordination.  Individuals meeting the above criteria who seek approval as Category V Parenting Coordinators must apply to the Administrative Office of the Probate and Family Court. Specialty training may be offered by an organization approved by the Probate and Family Court, and MAGAL, Inc., has sought approval as a training site.  The Standing Order documents the appointment of a parenting coordinator, with or without agreement of the parties, as well as the necessary and permitted duties of parenting coordinators.  This Standing Order shall apply to all parenting coordinator appointments made before or after the effective date.  

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